My reply to a question on Quora "What price should I pay for puerh tea?"

I enjoy both expensive tea and less expensive tea. 

The daily tea I am drinking are around USD $0.08/g which means each tea session costs me around $0.48 to $0.64 on tea leaf. 

I think it is better to appreciate or learn how to appreciate any tea with solid quality firstly and especially from less expensive tea. 

These teas usually contain the essential quality as that kind of tea.

When you think you already know these characters from tea on lower price level, 
then you can gradually try better ones because you want to learn more about each character of that tea.

Or you want to enjoy a cup of tea with more richness. Varied mouth feeling. Great and more obvious aspects on certain or some taste. 

At that time you not just enjoy that tea and know why you like that. 

Then you can select tea according to quality, characters,and cost according to your economic condition.

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