Shipping Cost Analysis with Open Details.

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to update you on the significant changes in shipping costs and our current shipping strategies, especially for destinations in North and South America and Eastern Europe. These changes have been influenced by global events and operational adjustments.

Factors Affecting Shipping Costs:

  • Fluctuating Costs: Since the winter of 2021, we have observed a marked increase and fluctuation in shipping costs to several regions.
  • Pandemic-Related Changes: A primary cause for this is the reduction in flight availability, a direct result of China's unique anti-pandemic policies.

Our Shipping Approach:

  • Safe and Reliable Routes: For safety and reliability, we are currently utilizing ePacket for parcels weighing up to 2kg, and Large Parcel Air Mail (not SAL) for those over 2kg.
  • Direct Shipping via China Post: To ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we use China Post directly instead of relying on third-party carriers.

Pricing Example Explained:

  • Calculating Costs: Let’s consider an example. If a customer purchases tea with a net weight of 1000g for $28, the calculation for the final amount in CNY is as follows: Customer Payment$28×(1PayPal Commission5%)×Exchange Rate6.35=169.9
  • Transparent Pricing: This example illustrates how we determine the cost in local currency, ensuring transparency in our pricing.


However, the actual cost charged by China Post was CNY 201.12, resulting in an additional expense of CNY 31.22 that our company has had to absorb.

In recent times, almost every parcel we ship has been subject to increased shipping costs. Our customers have observed that shipping fees are significantly higher now compared to the period before Covid-19, and particularly since August 2021. While this is true, it's important to note that our company has been absorbing a portion of these increased costs during this challenging period.

We sincerely hope for the pandemic to subside soon, allowing us to return to normal operations and more affordable shipping practices.

We understand that these changes might impact your purchasing decisions, and we are committed to providing the best possible service during these challenging times. For any questions or concerns about shipping and pricing, please feel free to contact us at




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