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2011 XiaGuan "Bu Lang Lao Shu" (Bulang Old Tree) Tuo 100g Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea

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  • Type: Sheng Puerh (Raw Puerh)
  • Manufacturer: XiaGuan Tea Factory, renowned for its long history and expertise in producing high-quality Puerh tea.
  • Name: Bu Lang Lao Shu (Bulang Old Tree)
  • Origin: Bulang Mountain, Yunnan Province, China, an area celebrated for its ancient tea trees and rich tea culture.
  • Form: Tuocha (bowl-shaped compressed tea)
  • Weight: 100 grams

Flavor Profile:

  • Appearance: The Tuocha is tightly compressed with neat tea threads, indicating meticulous craftsmanship and the use of high-quality old tree leaves.
  • Liquor Color: The brewed tea liquor is clear and bright, showcasing its purity and quality.
  • Taste: This tea offers a rich and well-rounded flavor profile:
    • Thick Tea Flavor with Strength: The tea has a robust and thick flavor, characteristic of tea leaves from ancient trees.
    • Refreshing and Mellow: Despite its strength, the tea maintains a refreshing and mellow taste, providing a smooth drinking experience.
    • Honey-Like Sweetness: A natural honey-like sweetness enhances the tea's flavor, adding depth and complexity.


  • The tea has been stored in Guangzhou under natural conditions, ensuring optimal aging and preservation of its quality.

Additional Notes:

  • Old Tree Leaves: The use of leaves from old tea trees on Bulang Mountain contributes to the tea's robust and complex flavor profile, making it a prized selection for Puerh enthusiasts.
  • Craftsmanship: The meticulous craftsmanship of XiaGuan Tea Factory ensures that each Tuocha meets the highest standards of quality and flavor.


  • The 2011 XiaGuan "Bu Lang Lao Shu" Tuo is highly recommended for tea enthusiasts who appreciate a strong, rich, and well-rounded Sheng Puerh. Its thick and robust flavor, combined with a refreshing and mellow taste and honey-like sweetness, makes it a standout tea suitable for both immediate enjoyment and long-term aging.

Experience the depth and complexity of the 2011 XiaGuan "Bu Lang Lao Shu," a tea that embodies the excellence and heritage of Bulang Mountain and the expertise of XiaGuan Tea Factory.

Customer Reviews

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Francois Dion
respectably average

Not much to say about this tea other than it being totally acceptable, but lacks character. Smooth, easy to drink, excellent entry level tea if you are new to Puerh.