2013 XiaGuan "Yun Xiang" (Rhythm) Tuo 100g Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea - King Tea Mall
2013 XiaGuan "Yun Xiang" (Rhythm) Tuo 100g Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea - King Tea Mall
2013 XiaGuan "Yun Xiang" (Rhythm) Tuo 100g Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea - King Tea Mall

2013 XiaGuan "Yun Xiang" (Rhythm) Tuo 100g Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea

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Overview: The 2013 XiaGuan "Yun Xiang" (Rhythm) Tuo is a Sheng Puerh tea crafted with leaves from old arbor trees. This tea aims to capture the essence and distinct mountain flavor typical of high-quality Puerh from Yunnan province. The name "Yun Xiang" translates to "Rhythm," reflecting the harmonious and well-balanced nature of this tea.

Tea Characteristics:

  • Tea Material:
    • Made from leaves harvested from old arbor trees, which are known for producing tea with rich and complex flavors.
  • Appearance:
    • The Tuo (nest-shaped) tea is tightly compressed, featuring neat and consistent tea threads. The surface shows a mix of dark green and lighter leaves, indicative of its high-quality material.
  • Aroma:
    • The dry leaves emit a fresh, earthy aroma with hints of floral and sweet notes, characteristic of well-preserved Sheng Puerh.

Flavor Profile:

  • Sweetness:
    • A natural, refreshing sweetness is present, making the tea smooth and pleasant from the first sip.
  • Bitterness and Astringency:
    • Exhibits minor to medium levels of bitterness and astringency, providing a balanced and satisfying flavor profile without overwhelming the palate.
  • Mountain Flavor:
    • The tea captures the distinct mountain flavor, offering a unique and authentic Puerh experience that reflects its high-altitude origins.
  • Aftertaste:
    • The aftertaste is lingering and refreshing, with a clean finish that encourages further sips. The tea also promotes good Huigan (pleasant, sweet aftertaste) and saliva production.

Aging and Storage:

  • Storage Conditions:
    • Stored naturally in Guangzhou, which helps in the slow and steady aging process, allowing the tea to develop more depth and complexity over time.
  • Aging Potential:
    • Due to the high quality of the old arbor leaves, this tea has excellent aging potential. With time, it is expected to gain more nuanced and richer flavors.

Brewing Recommendations:

  • Preparation:
    • Carefully pry off a suitable amount of tea leaves from the tightly compressed Tuo using a tea knife. A quick rinse of the leaves can help to awaken the tea and release initial aromas.
  • Brewing:
    • Suitable for multiple infusions, each revealing different aspects of the tea's character. Adjust steeping time and temperature based on personal preference to explore its full flavor potential.

Conclusion: The 2013 XiaGuan "Yun Xiang" (Rhythm) Tuo is a high-quality Sheng Puerh tea that beautifully captures the mountain flavor of Yunnan's old arbor trees. With its balanced sweetness, moderate bitterness, and lingering aftertaste, this tea provides a refreshing and harmonious drinking experience. Its excellent aging potential makes it a valuable addition to any Puerh collection, promising rewarding flavors as it matures over time.

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