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2011 XiaGuan "Yi Wu Lao Shu" (Yiwu Old Tree) Tuo 100g Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea

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  • Type: Sheng Puerh (Raw Puerh)
  • Manufacturer: XiaGuan Tea Factory
  • Name: Yi Wu Lao Shu (Yiwu Old Tree)
  • Form: Tuo (Nest/Bowl)
  • Weight: 100 grams

Flavor Profile:

  • Appearance: The tea consists of long and dark tea threads that are tight, neat, and adorned with multi tea hairs, presenting an excellent appearance.
  • Tea Liquor: The liquor is clear with a bright color, indicating high-quality processing and storage.
  • Taste:
    • Softness: The tea has a soft taste with a resilient character.
    • Smoothness and Mellow: It offers a smooth and mellow profile with a sugar cane-like sweetness.
    • Huigan: Strong returning sweetness that enhances the overall flavor profile.
    • Bitterness and Astringency: Light, making it accessible for a wide range of tea drinkers.
    • Aftertaste: Lingering aftertaste that fills the whole mouth, providing a prolonged tea-drinking experience.
    • Chaqi: Notable Chaqi, contributing to a relaxing, soothing, and pleasing sensation.


  • Mouthfeel: The tea provides a smooth and mellow mouthfeel with a pleasing sweetness and resilience.
  • Fragrance: The tea liquor's clear and bright appearance is matched by its fragrant, sugar cane-like sweetness.
  • Special Attributes: Known for its strong Huigan (returning sweetness) and its ability to stimulate saliva production, enhancing the overall tea experience.


  • Guangzhou Natural Storage: Ensures the tea is aged in optimal conditions, preserving and enhancing its quality and flavor over time.


  • Historical Significance: The "Yi Wu Lao Shu" Tuo commemorates the "Lv Da Shu" (Green Big Tree) legend in Puerh tea history, symbolizing tradition and excellence.
  • Special Order: This tea is produced specifically for the Guangzhou XY Tea Factory, using premium old tree tea leaves from Yiwu mountain, a region celebrated for its high-quality Puerh teas.


The 2011 XiaGuan "Yi Wu Lao Shu" (Yiwu Old Tree) Tuo 100g Sheng Puerh is highly recommended for tea enthusiasts seeking to improve their Puerh tea experience. Its smooth, mellow taste with sugar cane-like sweetness, coupled with light bitterness and astringency, makes it a delight for both new and seasoned tea drinkers. The strong Chaqi, lingering aftertaste, and overall soothing effect provide a truly relaxing and enjoyable tea session. Its historical significance and special production further enhance its appeal, making it a prized addition to any tea collection.

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