2007 XiaGuan "Jia Ji" (1st Grade) 100g*5pcs Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea - King Tea Mall
2007 XiaGuan "Jia Ji" (1st Grade) 100g*5pcs Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea - King Tea Mall
2007 XiaGuan "Jia Ji" (1st Grade) 100g*5pcs Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea - King Tea Mall

2007 XiaGuan "Jia Ji" (1st Grade) 100g*5pcs Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea

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XiaGuan "Jia Ji" Tuo, an exceptional Puerh Raw Tea (Sheng Cha) that harks back to the origins of a blend recipe conceived around 1951. This Tuo is a meticulous selection of high-grade materials, primarily consisting of tender buds and young leaves, which are the epitome of quality in tea production.

Upon infusion, the "Jia Ji" Tuo reveals its distinct smoky character, a nod to the traditional processing methods that impart a rich and robust flavor profile. The tea possesses a thickness and strength that is immediate and gratifying, commanding the attention of your palate from the very first sip.

The fragrance is an integral part of this tea's allure, enveloping the senses with its aromatic complexity. The Huigan, a swift returning sweetness characteristic of superior Sheng Cha, emerges rapidly following the initial taste, balancing the apparent bitterness that is appreciated by aficionados for its invigorating properties.

With only a slight or minor pungency, the tea manages to assert its presence without overpowering, instead encouraging a harmonious flow of saliva, a testament to its quality and the skill with which it has been crafted.

The "Jia Ji" Tuo is not just a beverage; it's an invitation to explore the depths of traditional Puerh tea. Whether you're a seasoned tea drinker or new to the world of Sheng Cha, the XiaGuan "Jia Ji" offers a taste of the authentic, time-honored Pu'er experience, replete with all the complexities and nuances that have made this style of tea a cherished brew for generations.


Guangzhou Natural Storage.


* The XiaGuan "Jia Ji" Tuo is available either as a paper tong package with five individual 100g tuos or as a single 100g tuo in its own paper box.



  • "Te Tuo" (特沱): A special grade Tuo Cha made from high-quality tea leaves, rich in tiny buds and young leaves.
  • "Jia Tuo" (甲沱): The first-grade Tuo Cha, known for its higher ratio of young and large leaves.
  • "Yi Ji Tuo Cha" (乙级沱茶): The second-grade Tuo Cha, characterized by a high ratio of large and strong leaves.
  • "Bing Ji Tuo Cha" (丙级沱茶): The third-grade Tuo Cha, made from a mix of strong leaves and stems.
  • "Da Zhong Tuo Cha" (大众沱茶): The fourth-grade Tuo Cha, known for its rougher leaves and stems.

Customer Reviews

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I think this is a fine a example of what can happen when you take inexpensive, broken leaf intended for Tuo Cha, and age it in a proper environment for over 10 years. No negative storage characteristics, just a sweet aged flavor, nothing too fancy but very easy to to enjoy. Note and aromas:

-Dried orange peel
-Dried plum
-Very faint smoke aroma

Balanced, easy to brew, and easy to drink. You can’t ask for more than this.