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2007 XiaGuan "Ma Bei" (Horse Back) Tuo 250g Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea

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  • Year: 2007
  • Type: Puerh Raw Tea (Sheng Cha)
  • Weight: 250g (Tuo)
  • Series: Ma Bei (Horse Back)
  • Storage: Guangzhou natural storage


The 2007 XiaGuan "Ma Bei" (Horse Back) Tuo is a distinguished offering within the Ma Bei series, paying homage to the historical significance of ancient Puerh tea transportation. As a high-end tea meticulously crafted to honor this tradition, it promises a sensory journey characterized by a harmonious blend of flavors and a captivating aroma.

Tea Composition:

  • Tea Leaves:
    • This Tuo comprises tightly compressed tea threads adorned with multi-tea hairs, reflecting XiaGuan's commitment to quality and aesthetics.
  • Aroma and Taste:
    • Upon steeping, the tea releases a captivating aroma reminiscent of honey, complemented by subtle notes of camphor. Its flavor profile is marked by a robust and thick taste, delivering a mellow and smooth experience. Despite its strength, the tea exhibits minor bitterness and astringency, balanced by a lingering sweetness that persists long after each sip.

Flavor Profile:

  • Appearance:
    • The Tuo presents itself with tight and neat tea threads, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship and visual allure.
  • Sensation:
    • With each sip, the tea envelops the palate in a rich and satisfying taste, offering a delightful blend of strength and resilience. Its refreshing nature invigorates the senses, while the lingering sweetness leaves a lasting impression on the taste buds. The tea is known for its excellent Huigan and saliva-producing qualities, further enhancing the overall drinking experience.

Storage Conditions:

  • Storage:
    • This tea has been carefully stored under Guangzhou's natural storage conditions, allowing it to age gracefully while preserving its distinctive flavors and characteristics.

The 2007 XiaGuan "Ma Bei" Tuo encapsulates the essence of ancient Puerh tea transportation, offering enthusiasts a journey through history with each sip. With its exceptional quality and complex flavor profile, this tea invites tea connoisseurs to indulge in a unique and memorable tasting experience.

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