2009 XiaGuan "DX7223" Cake 357g Puerh Raw Tea Sheng Cha - King Tea Mall
2009 XiaGuan "DX7223" Cake 357g Puerh Raw Tea Sheng Cha - King Tea Mall
2009 XiaGuan "DX7223" Cake 357g Puerh Raw Tea Sheng Cha - King Tea Mall

2009 XiaGuan "DX7223" Cake 357g Puerh Raw Tea Sheng Cha

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Product Details:

  • Name: DX7223 Cake
  • Year: 2009
  • Type: Puerh Raw Tea (Sheng Cha)
  • Weight: 357g
  • Storage: Guangzhou natural storage


The DX7223 cake was produced according to an order from DX (De Xin Tea Industry), continuing the legacy of the famous 7222 from Menghai Tea Factory. The 7222 was also an order-made product by DX Tea. This particular cake uses tea materials harvested from 2005-2007 from Bulang Mountain.

Tea Characteristics:

  • Appearance: The cake has a tightly compressed structure with a visually appealing arrangement of tea threads.
  • Tea Liquor: The tea liquor is clear with brightness, reflecting its quality and proper storage.
  • Flavor Profile:
    • Aroma: The tea has a high fragrance with an aged and unique Bulang tea scent.
    • Taste: Strong and thick, the tea presents a well-rounded flavor profile. The bitterness and astringency are slightly more pronounced and last longer, providing a robust tea experience.
    • Huigan (Returning Sweetness): The tea offers a good Huigan, leaving a pleasant sweetness that lingers after drinking.
    • Saliva Producing: Stimulates saliva production, enhancing the overall mouthfeel.
    • Mouthfeel: The tea flavor penetrates deeply into the throat, offering a smooth and stabilized experience.

Additional Information:

  • Sister Product: There is another sister product, the "DX 7223 (Ban Zhang Lao Zhai)," which uses tea materials from Banzhang village and was published alongside this tea.


The 2009 XiaGuan "DX7223" Cake is highly recommended for those who appreciate a strong and thick Puerh tea with pronounced bitterness and astringency. Its robust flavor, combined with the unique characteristics of Bulang Mountain tea, makes it an excellent choice for tea enthusiasts looking to deepen their tea experience. Enjoying this tea allows you to savor the craftsmanship and tradition of XiaGuan, along with the unique qualities of Bulang Mountain tea.

Customer Reviews

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Tamas Bukovacz
Great tea and service

The DX7223 one of my favourite tea. It has so many layers. Kingteamall service is great - as usual.