"Hua Shi Dai" (New Era) Puerh Shou Cha by XiaGuan Tea Factory in 2016

 "Hua Shi Dai" (New Era), published in 2016 year for the commemoration of 75th birthday of XiaGuan tea factory. Using Gushu(old tree)materials mixed from  BingDao and XiGui tea sub-regions both in MengKu, LinCang tea region. 
It uses unique "Qing Shui"(light water) fermentation technology with limited water consumption during whole process compared to traditional methods which costs much water and there is not much more "Dui Wei"(fermentation smell, which needs quite a long time even over a year to disappear), but better taste, aged flavor, smoothness and sweetness, easier for new comer to enjoy puerh shou cha.   Well balanced on the characters from both tea regions. 
Clean and neat tea threads are strong and fat with great appearance. 
Thick tea soup with high ratio of pectic substances. 
Red and bright tea liquor color thickness thanks to the high ratio of pectic substances. Caramel  like fragrance. 
Strong tea taste with heavy bitterness and Chaqi. Fruity and aged flavor. Smooth and thick. 
Bitterness retreats soon with Huigan (returning sweetness) coming fast. Some cooling feel in throat and lingers long. 
Brewed tea leaf with neatness, cleanness, and resilience. Medium fermented and well processed. 

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