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2006 DaYi "8582" Cake 357g Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea (Batch 602/603)

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The "8582" tea blend has a rich history and a distinctive production method that makes it unique among puerh teas. Here's a breakdown of its origination, taste, and storage:


  • Year of Creation: 1985.
  • Key Ingredient: Utilizes the 8th grade tea leaf predominantly in its blend.
  • Manufacturer: Originally produced by the Menghai Tea Factory.
  • Serial Number Significance: The "2" in "8582" represents its position among the national tea factories during the period it was first made.
  • Reputation: Recognized for its excellence as a raw blend puerh tea recipe.
  • Additional Information: For more detailed background on the naming, history, and the Menghai Tea Factory, it's recommended to refer to specialized blogs or articles.


  • Tea Quality: Comprises strong and fat tea threads.
  • Flavor Profile: Offers a rich tea flavor mixed with classic puerh tea fragrance.
  • Composition: Features a blend of 3rd and 4th grade tea leaves on the surface and 5th to 8th grade leaves as the body, focusing mainly on 7th to 8th grade leaves.
  • Pressing: Not tightly pressed, with a slightly loose edge, which is believed to benefit the aging process.


  • Type: Guangzhou Natural Storage, which suggests a specific method of storage that influences the aging and flavor development of the tea.

This tea blend is evidently crafted with a deep understanding of tea grades and aging processes, contributing to its unique taste and character. It's a great example of the intricate art of tea blending and aging.

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Very nice with some dried fruit in the rinse along with some floral. Got some bite on the back end. probably due to the bigger leaf or some BuLang mixed in there. Sweeter as the cup cools a bit. I seem to prefer these and 7532’s over the 7542’s. Maybe these aren’t as hyped and stay more affordable longer.