2013 XiaGuan "T8633" Iron Cake 357g Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea - King Tea Mall
2013 XiaGuan "T8633" Iron Cake 357g Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea - King Tea Mall

2013 XiaGuan "T8633" Iron Cake 357g Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea

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Overview: The 2013 XiaGuan "T8633" Iron Cake is a distinguished raw Puerh tea that hails from the iconic "8633" series, crafted using a blend recipe established in 1986. Produced by XiaGuan, which holds the serial number 3 within the former CNNP (China National Native Produce & Animal By-products Import & Export Corporation) group, this tea embodies the rich heritage and meticulous craftsmanship of XiaGuan tea productions.

Tea Characteristics:

  • Tea Material:
    • Utilizes 3rd grade tea materials, ensuring a balance of quality and flavor that has been time-tested since the 1986 blend recipe.
  • Appearance:
    • The cake is tightly compressed, typical of an iron cake, making it quite hard and challenging to pry apart. This pressing method helps preserve the tea's original fragrance and contributes to its aging potential.
  • Aroma:
    • Exhibits a slight smoky flavor, which is notably lighter compared to XiaGuan's tuo cha (nest) teas. The smokiness adds depth without overpowering the natural tea aroma.
  • Flavor Profile:
    • Sweetness and Smoothness: Offers a decent level of sweetness with a smooth texture, making it approachable for both new and seasoned Puerh tea drinkers.
    • Bitterness and Astringency: Presents minor bitterness and astringency, which are balanced and do not overshadow the tea's other flavor notes.
    • Plum-like Flavor: A unique plum-like flavor emerges, especially appreciated during saliva production, adding a layer of complexity to the taste experience.
    • Mouthfeel: The tea is mellow with a soft mouthfeel, enhancing its overall drinking experience.

Aging and Storage:

  • Storage Conditions:
    • Stored naturally in Guangzhou, the tea benefits from a humid and warm climate, ideal for the gradual aging process that enhances the tea's flavor profile over time.
  • Aging Potential:
    • The iron cake's hard pressing slows down the aging process, preserving the tea's original fragrance and promoting the development of desirable aged flavors, including the characteristic plum-like notes.

Brewing Recommendations:

  • Preparation:
    • Given its hard-pressed nature, it is advisable to use a strong tea knife to pry off pieces of the cake carefully.
    • Rinse the tea briefly to awaken the leaves, then steep according to personal taste preferences.
  • Enjoyment:
    • Best enjoyed in a quiet setting where one can appreciate the unfolding complexity of flavors and aromas that develop with each infusion.

Conclusion: The 2013 XiaGuan "T8633" Iron Cake is a well-crafted raw Puerh tea that offers a blend of traditional flavors with a unique plum-like twist. Its balance of slight smokiness, sweetness, and smoothness, coupled with its aging potential, makes it a valuable addition to any tea enthusiast's collection. This iron cake is a testament to XiaGuan's enduring legacy and expertise in Puerh tea production.

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