2013 DaYi WeiZuiYan Cake 357g Puerh Ripe Tea Shou Cha

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“味wei最zui酽yan” directly can be translated into the heaviest / thickest / strongest flavor. Dayi have their own consideration to name one product. But here it definitely doesn’t mean the heaviest flavor puerh tea. This word is not created by Dayi originally, but from a description in  <普洱茶记>” Narration of Puerh Tea  written by 阮福(Ruan Fu 1801~1875) in Qing Dynasty. Original word “普洱茶名遍天下,味最酽, 京师尤重之” means “puerh tea is well known everywhere, because of it’s heaviest / thickest / strongest flavor, it is especially much valued by people in capital ‘Beijing'” . DaYi honestly printed these original words on the wrapper.

This recipe was firstly created in 2006 year.

Tea materials used on this tea were blended from different grades.

Tea gender:

Sheng cha which will continuously ferment by complicate chemical reaction of Oxygen, Microbes, Enzyme and other substances contained in tea leaf. And this process is called natural fermentation or evolution which will get better effect under ideal storage condition of humidity around 75% and temperature near 20-25 Celsius with airflow and should be hidden from sun light.


1301 batch.


Guangzhou city stored till now. Clean and dry.




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Weight 357 g


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