Notice 1,  Holiday and Promotion

Dear friends .  Thanks for your attention.  🙂

To completed orders till today:

All ordered teas have been on the way to our customers. We will keep an eye on every parcel until it is delivered to your hand peacefully.

To future possible orders during holiday:

  1. Because of the Chinese New Year Festival, our handler will stop accepting parcels from 8th Feb(5 hours later in China) till 26th Feb.
  2. We would like to supply 2 times points to every order from now on to 26th Feb(included).  “Points and Rewards System” will automatically calculate point and add that to your account according to your purchasing amount  when you check out.

During holiday, we will keep on duty and welcome to have a talk with us via social medias(on the right shoulder of this page) or email. Also please leave your suggestions and advice to help us do better in future, we will consider that seriously and make adjustments as we can utilizing this holiday time.

Thanks for your trust and support all the time.

During past time and especially past days I have received encouraging words from social medias and steepster.  All these are priceless gifts to us. You don’t know how grateful I feel. We will keep moving forward firmly.

God bless every one.

Kind regards.



Notice 2,  Please reset your account

Since our database collapsed last month, all your private info including password and wishlist and others had gone because all these were preserved in our server. So you will find you can’t log into your account using your past password.

Please contact us via email “koogyoku@outlook.com “(recommended)  or  “instant chat window” on the lower right of your screen with round yellow mark. A simple “Hey, John,  send me a new PW” is enough. 🙂

We will let our system generate a new password  and let you know for your temporary one time logging in. And once your enter your account, please modify it to your own password ASAP. 

Also you still can place order successfully as guest but guest can’t get points and rewards. If you have been as a guest and placed order(s) in past, and want to turn to customer, then please feel free to ask us to calculate your points according to history purchasement and add that into your account manually.  We are glad to supply help whenever you need it.

Thank you and your understanding will be highly appreciated by us.



Tea Session.

Wrapper is clean without any tea oil infiltrated or worm hole on that.
Tea body is slight loose because not pressed too tight.
For the reason of stems which seems like skeleton of the body, all the tea leaves like stand there not sleep there.
Medium smoke.
Ever bitterness or astriengency is on a suitable level after so many years’ evolution.
If I can afford the cost of this tea, I would rather drink it every day.
Tea info: 2005 year, DaYi, JinSeYunXiang (Golden YunXiang), Sheng Cha. 400g.