Tea Session:  GouTongWuXian from BoYou. Poor name, rich tea.

Tea sample from supplier, a primary dealer of BoYou tea factory.
Published in 2009 year using tea materials picked up in 2008 year according to official description.
Tightly pressed chunks. Even after rinsed 2 times, the largest chunk is still solid. Finally I used the cap to separate it to parts after 5th infusion.
Rough tea materials seem like 7-9 grade. Including high ratio of stems but cut to short around 10mm on average.
Heavily fermented.
Brownish red color of tea liquor. Near dark red.
Herbal fragrance on mouth feeling.
Obvious bitterness.
Caramel sweetness.
HuiGan comes not so fast, but there was enough momentum. I assume the reason is the high ratio of stems which contains more content.
Texture flavor.
Cleanness and clearness ever on tea leaves or on tea liquid.
Totally, I think the description of “MengHai Flavor” is suitable for this tea.
Info of steeping:
1) Small porcelain gaiwan has volume of around 100ml.
2) Boiling water (running water,  not recommended. I will try to filter it next time.)
3) Rinsed 2 times. (each time costs 8- 10 sec)
4) Steeping it around 3 sec at first 5 times and a little longer and longer on coming infusions.

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