Collection: XiaGuan Puerh Tea

The Xiaguan Tea Factory, established in 1941, is a renowned tea producer located in Xiaguan city, Yunnan province, China. This factory has a storied history and is well-known for its production of high-quality Puerh tea. Until 2004, Xiaguan Tea Factory operated as the No.3 national tea factory in Yunnan under the China National Native Produce & Animal By-Products Import & Export Corporation (CNNP).

Key highlights of the Xiaguan Tea Factory include:

  1. Historical Significance: As one of the major tea factories in Yunnan, Xiaguan played a crucial role in the development and popularization of Puerh tea, both within China and internationally.

  2. Product Identification: The factory's serial number 'No.3' is a hallmark of its legacy and is used prominently in the names of its products and blend recipes. Well-known examples include 8653, 8553, and 7663. These numbers not only identify the products but also indicate the blend recipe and the year of creation, offering consumers insight into the quality and characteristics of the tea.

  3. Specialization in Pu-erh Tea: Xiaguan Tea Factory is particularly famed for its Puerh tea, including both raw (Sheng) and ripe (Shou) varieties. Their teas are prized for their robust flavors, high quality, and excellent aging potential.

  4. Privatization and Modernization: In 2004, the factory underwent privatization, marking a new era in its history. This change allowed for modernization and adaptation to the evolving global tea market while continuing to honor traditional tea-making practices.

  5. Global Recognition: The factory's teas have garnered international acclaim for their quality and traditional production methods. Tea enthusiasts and collectors around the world seek out Xiaguan's Puerh teas for their unique flavors and collectible value.

  6. Commitment to Tradition: Despite modern advancements, Xiaguan Tea Factory remains committed to traditional methods of tea production, ensuring that the cultural heritage of Yunnan's tea-making is preserved and celebrated in every batch of tea.

The Xiaguan Tea Factory, with its rich history and dedication to quality, continues to be a prominent and respected name in the world of Puerh tea, embodying the essence of Yunnan's tea culture.

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