About us


My name is John.

At the core of my business, I source and resell tea. But is tea just a commodity for trade, or is there something more profound behind it? I believe it's the latter. There are elements in this process that go beyond mere business, elements that hold deeper significance for both me and my customers. Defining these aspects might be challenging, but they are what make the experience truly rewarding.

Through this journey, customers not only enjoy shopping for tea but also relish the entire experience - from selecting their preferred blend to savoring its flavors. As a vendor, my role may seem limited to displaying products, packaging, and shipping, since I'm neither a tea farmer nor a manufacturer. However, I recognize that these tasks are crucial links in the chain of bringing quality tea to you.

For me, tea is more than just a transaction; it's about creating an experience that customers cherish. My aim is for everyone to enjoy not only the tea they purchase from me but also the entire process of choosing and receiving their tea.