Introducing the Product Range from Changtai Tea Factory.

Introducing the Changtai Tea Factory Lineup:

  1. Yi Chang Hao (易昌号): Launched in 1999, the inaugural year of Changtai Tea Industry's Yiwu town branch, Yi Chang Hao quickly gained market interest. Over time, its rich taste and mouthfeel have become more appealing, earning it the nickname "99 Yi Chang" and flagship status. In 2005, it received double organic food certifications. Yichanghao primarily uses wild tea leaves from the Yiwu region, pressed with a stone mill. The tea grades include “Ji Pin” (Premium), “Zhen Pin” (Super), “Jing Pin” (High quality), and “Zheng Pin” (Good quality), available in 400g, 250g, and 100g cakes, tuos, and bricks.

  2. Chen Hong Chang (陈鸿昌, 陈弘昌): This line features pure tea materials from renowned mountains. Starting with YiBang and ManZhuan in 2000, it transitioned to custom orders for Mr. Liu in 2003, then returned to Changtai in 2005 for high-end tea production. Each tea is identifiable by a red stamp indicating its origin, like YiWu, YiBang, and others, making each unique in character.

  3. Chang Tai Hao (昌泰号): Introduced in 2001 to differentiate from YiChangHao and ChenHongChang, Chang Tai Hao uses quality leaves outside the traditional six famous mountains. The first batch from JingGu, known as "Red ChangTaiHao," was followed by custom orders for Mr. Wang and then reclaimed by Changtai. This series, with its diverse high-quality sources, includes sub-series like Yunnan Tsitsu, Banna Tsitsu, and Jinggu Tsitsu cakes.

  4. Heng Feng Yuan (恒丰源): Originally a JingGu tea house name, it was acquired by Changtai in 2001 to produce ChangTaiHao teas from local leaves. From 2005, it exclusively produced fermented teas, known for their thick flavor and mellow taste, mainly using leaves from the Menghai region.

  5. Si Pu Yuan (思普源): Acquired in 2005, this JiangCheng-based factory focuses on processing high-quality wild teas from the area, creating products like the 2005 order-made YongNian tea company series.

  6. Lao Chen De Cha (老陈的茶): Featuring top-quality teas selected by Changtai's Chairman, Mr. Chen Shihuai. The first product, "Bu Lang," quickly gained a reputation, followed by others like "Xiang Gu Tuo" and "Nan Nuo."

  7. Yun Pu Zhi Dian (云普之巅): Includes both raw teas from various Yunnan mountains and ripe teas from quality leaves. The raw tea series includes "Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum," while the ripe series features "Luckiness, Fortune, Longevity, Happiness."

  8. Da Di Shen Yun (大地神韵) Cha Pin Tian Xia (茶品天下): Initially exclusive to Mr. Liu, this series later included Mr. Shi Kunmu's custom orders from Taiwan, known for its unique character and market acclaim.

  9. Custom-Made Products: These include a wide array of teas made for different business clients, each with unique characteristics and branding.

  10. Bai Nian Chen Cang (百年陈仓): Started in 2005 to showcase aged teas, this series includes repackaged aged teas from various collectors, categorized by region, taste, and age.

  11. Others: Includes QianJiaFeng, ChaZhongYuanCha, ChaZhongWangCha, MengHaiChaZhuang, JiNianCha, and others, each representing unique origins and qualities.

  12. AoRanDuLi (傲然独立): A 2005 brand using high-quality materials from across Yunnan.

(Translation adapted from Sina Blog)

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