What price should I pay for Puerh tea?

I enjoy both expensive and less expensive varieties.

The daily tea I drink costs around USD $0.08 per gram, translating to approximately $0.48 to $0.64 per tea session.

I believe it's important to appreciate, or learn to appreciate, teas of solid quality first, especially those that are less expensive. These teas often possess the fundamental qualities inherent to that type of tea.

Once you feel familiar with these characteristics in teas at a lower price point, you can gradually explore higher-quality options. This allows you to deepen your understanding of each tea's unique characteristics.

Perhaps you'll seek teas with more complexity, varied mouthfeel, or pronounced flavors. When you reach this stage, it's not just about enjoying the tea; you'll also understand why you prefer certain qualities.

At this point, you can select teas based on their quality, characteristics, and cost, taking into account your budget and preferences.

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