Q: Could you recommend some aged sheng puerh teas for a beginner like me?

A: Have you tried '7542' from Dayi or '8653' from Xiaguan tea factory? We offer samples from various years, including 2012 and 2014. These teas are benchmarks in the world of puerh sheng tea, renowned for their historical recipes and blending expertise. While many new and established brands, including ours, may offer teas of equal or superior quality, these benchmark teas form the foundation of today's puerh tea. For newcomers, it's easy to gravitate towards famous teas and regions, but without sufficient knowledge, it's risky to set these as your only standard. If you try a less acclaimed tea later, you might unfairly dismiss it.

Q: Do you personally store all the teas you sell?

A: Our mission is to offer top-quality teas at the best prices. We collaborate with puerh suppliers and collectors, making these teas available worldwide through our platform and customer service.

Q: How long does it take to ship an order?

A: Normally, we dispatch orders within 24 to 48 hours. However, this may extend if certain items need restocking or are newly purchased. Our parcels are picked up by China Post three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), with tracking information updated shortly after pickup. Orders placed late on Friday or requiring additional time for procurement may have a slightly longer dispatch time. We're constantly working to minimize preparation time and encourage customers to contact us if there's a delay in tracking updates.

Q: What criteria do you use when sourcing tea or selecting suppliers?

A: We select teas that I would enjoy with my family and friends, from suppliers who are reliable, professional, and responsible.

Q: What are your views on storing Puerh tea?

A: For me, aging potential is 80% of the essence of puerh tea. The aging process involves the tea's interaction with moisture, oxygen, and time. Optimal conditions include humidity around 60-70%, temperatures of 20-25°C, avoidance of direct sunlight and air flow, and maintaining a clean environment. It's also important to let the tea 'wake up' after being removed from storage – usually, 24 hours is sufficient. For tight tea chunks, I recommend waiting 8-10 minutes after rinsing before steeping, ensuring each leaf is adequately soaked. However, be cautious not to rinse out too many essences.

Q: Do you have partners in my country or nearby?

A: Yes, please feel free to ask for that information.

Q: Why does the waybill sometimes show different cities like Wuhan or Shanghai as the sender's location, even though you're based in Guangzhou?

A: While we are based in Guangzhou, our parcels are dispatched through various channels before reaching China Post, including locations like Wuhan, Beijing, and others.

Q: Have you personally tasted all the teas listed on your site?

A: It's not feasible for me to taste each tea year by year. The tea descriptions are typically based on official information or market consensus.

Q: Can I get your opinion on tea or teawares I purchased from another supplier?

A: I respectfully decline to comment on products from other suppliers. Thank you for understanding.

<To be continued>

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