2007 DaYi "7562" Brick 250g Puerh Shou Cha Ripe Tea - King Tea Mall
2007 DaYi "7562" Brick 250g Puerh Shou Cha Ripe Tea - King Tea Mall

2007 DaYi "7562" Brick 250g Puerh Shou Cha Ripe Tea

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  • Year: 2007
  • Type: Puerh Shou Cha (Ripe Tea)
  • Weight: 250g
  • Name: "7562" Brick


  • Recipe Creation: 1975
  • Tea Leaves Grade: Predominantly 7th Grade
  • Serial Number: 2 (Menghai Tea Factory)

Taste Profile:

  • Appearance: Tiny buds on the surface, strong tea materials at its core.
  • Tea Liquor: Red, with a mellow and thick mouthfeel.
  • Texture: Sleek, silk-like smoothness.
  • Flavor: Floral and fruity, with a well-blended tea essence.


  • Location: Guangzhou
  • Conditions: Natural aging to enhance distinctive qualities.


The 2007 DaYi "7562" Brick is a Puerh Shou Cha (Ripe Tea) originating from the Menghai Tea Factory. Created in 1975, this series is renowned for its use of predominantly 7th-grade tea leaves and is designated with the serial number "2" among national tea factories.

This tea offers a rich taste experience, with tiny buds on the surface and strong tea materials at its core, indicating decent fermentation. The tea liquor is red, providing a mellow and thick mouthfeel, complemented by a sleek, silk-like smoothness. Its floral and fruity flavor, combined with a well-blended tea essence, creates a harmonious and enjoyable drinking experience.

Naturally stored in Guangzhou, this tea has undergone careful aging, enhancing its distinctive qualities and making it a prized addition to any Puerh collection.

Customer Reviews

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Just tried this one again it has mellowed out in the pumidor. The brick has become more easy to “break”. The flavor is very nice now with just a touch of astringency no bitterness or off flavors or aroma. This has turned into a better tea with a sweetness on the palate now with an almost wineflavor to it.