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Chen Sheng Hao Tea Factory, established in Menghai County, Yunnan Province, is a prominent entity in the Chinese tea industry, particularly in the production of Puerh tea. Founded in 2007, Menghai ChenSheng Tea Industry Co., Ltd. has rapidly gained a significant reputation for its quality teas, innovative approaches, and collaborations with local tea farmers.

Historical Background

  • Establishment in 2007: Chen Sheng Hao was initiated in 2007, marking its entry into the competitive world of Puerh tea production.

  • Expansion and Collaboration: The factory has constructed tea processing facilities in several key tea regions, including Bulang Mountain, Nannuo Mountain, Mengsong Mountain, and Yiwu Mountain. Its approach of signing contracts with local farmers, especially in renowned villages like LaoBanZhang, BanPo, NaKa, and Yiwu, ensures a direct supply of high-quality fresh tea leaves.

Famous Tea Products and Series

  • The Four Pillars Series: The factory's mainstay products are its "Four Pillars" series, consisting of "LaoBanZhang," "NanNuoShan" (also known as BanPo or BanPoZhai in some years), "NaKa," and "YiWu." These teas are sourced from their respective namesake regions, each known for distinct flavor profiles and high-quality tea leaves.

  • Organic Certification: Chen Sheng Hao is an organically certified tea factory, emphasizing sustainable and environmentally friendly tea production practices.

Market Share and Industry Impact

  • Rapid Market Penetration: Since its establishment, Chen Sheng Hao has made significant inroads into both the domestic and international Puerh tea markets.

  • Premium Brand Recognition: The factory is recognized for its premium quality teas, especially its "Four Pillars" series, which have garnered acclaim among tea connoisseurs and collectors.

  • Influence in Puerh Tea Market: Chen Sheng Hao's approach to collaborating directly with tea farmers and focusing on organic production has set it apart in the industry, influencing market trends towards sustainability and traceability in tea sourcing.

Modern Developments

  • Innovation in Tea Processing: While adhering to traditional Puerh tea processing methods, Chen Sheng Hao also incorporates modern techniques to enhance the quality and appeal of its teas.

  • Promotion of Tea Culture: The factory actively promotes the rich culture of Puerh tea and educates consumers about the unique aspects of teas from different regions within Yunnan.

  • Global Outreach: With an eye on the global market, Chen Sheng Hao has been expanding its international presence, catering to a growing global interest in high-quality Puerh tea.

Chen Sheng Hao Tea Factory, with its commitment to quality, organic practices, and strong connections with local tea-growing communities, has quickly become a significant player in the Puerh tea market. Its focus on producing distinct, region-specific teas and promoting sustainable practices positions it as an influential and respected name in the world of tea.

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