Collezione: XingHai Puerh Tea

Established in 2002, the XingHai Tea Factory was founded by Ms. Zhang JianLi, a respected figure in the tea industry. Ms. Zhang began her illustrious career at the MengHai Tea Factory in 1980, where she served in various leadership roles, including team leader and manager, until 2000. Leveraging her extensive experience, she established the XingHai Tea Factory in 2002. The factory distinguished itself by recruiting numerous experienced employees, many of whom also hailed from MengHai Tea Factory, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge in tea making and fermentation. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, XingHai rapidly ascended in the tea industry, ranking among the top 10 tea brands by 2007. In a significant development, the factory was acquired by the real estate company JiaZhaoYe in 2018.
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