Collezione: Dark Tea

Mysterious Probiotics

Fu Tea is categorized as Dark Tea. Different from Green Tea, Black Tea, Pu’er Tea, Oolong Tea and other types, the process of making Fu Tea are very sophisticated. After three sessions of fermentation, the tea brick will naturally grow a specific type of spores inside called “Golden Flower”, which is a kind of probiotics and good for health.


Golden Flower

The golden flower distinguishes Dark Tea from other types and its quality, such as color, density and plumpness, is the evaluation index of the quality of Fu Tea. The golden flower can effectively adjust the level of blood fat and blood sugar, as well as help disgestion, bowel movement and weight control. It is a good choice to improve the sub-health status.

History&Brand Story

Ancient merchants in China brought Fu Tea to Central Asia, West Asia, Europe and beyond along the Silk Road and it was also known as “ Mysterious Tea along the Silk Road”.

Fu Tea is a type of fermented tea and categorized as Dark Tea. It was invented by Xianyang people of Shaanxi with a special processing technology in 1368. Because the tea was compressed into brick form, and had the similar function with Fu Ling (a traditional Chinese herbal medicine), it got the name Fu Tea, or Fu Bricks. In Chinese, the pronunciation of Fu also means happiness, thus making the tea name an auspicious one with the meaning of bringing happiness and enjoyment.

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