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2007 DaYi "V4" Cake 357g Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea

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  • Year: 2007
  • Type: Puerh Sheng Cha (Raw Tea)
  • Weight: 357g
  • Name: "V4" Cake


  • The "V4" Cake is a Puerh Sheng Cha (Raw Tea) produced by DaYi in 2007.
  • This cake may belong to a special series or batch, distinguished by the "V4" designation.

Taste Profile:

  • The taste profile of the "V4" Cake is dependent on the specific tea leaves used and the processing techniques employed.
  • Typically, Puerh Sheng Cha teas offer a complex flavor profile with floral, fruity, and earthy notes, along with a refreshing and brisk character.


  • It's recommended to store this tea in a cool, dry place away from strong odors to preserve its quality over time.

Customer Reviews

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Today is a 2007 menghai V4. This tea is a raw tea(sheng) with just a touch of oxidation on the outer leaves of the cake. It has a very light floral aroma when I opened the wrapper. I pulled off a chunk, measured 5gams and put in the gaiwan. I gave a 10 second flash rinse. First steep of about 10 seconds. Brew came out a light green, faint aroma and just a light green color. This tea has no vegetal notes that you would find in a younger tea. It is sweet, smooth and very easy to drink for a sheng. This tea left an almost honey taste in the mouth. Fruity almost a green grape taste. A very nice sheng and I will continue the session later today. 8.5/10.