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2011 DaYi "Jin Se Nian Hua" (Golden Times) Cake 357g Puerh Sheng Cha Raw Tea

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Tea Type: Sheng Cha (Raw Puerh)
Weight: 357g Cake
Name: "Jin Se Nian Hua" (Golden Times) Cake
Year: 2011


The 2011 DaYi "Jin Se Nian Hua" (Golden Times) Cake is a prestigious offering from the Menghai Tea Factory, a renowned producer in the puerh tea industry. This tea is crafted from selected tea materials that have undergone natural aging in stock for several years before being pressed into cakes. This pre-pressing aging process is crucial in developing the tea’s depth and complexity.

Tea Materials and Appearance:

The tea leaves used in this cake are carefully chosen for their quality and aging potential. The cake itself is pressed with precision to ensure even aging and optimal flavor development. The naturally aged leaves contribute to the tea’s rich color and aromatic profile, making it a visually appealing and high-quality product.

Taste Profile:

  • Tea Soup: The infusion produces a golden tea soup that is bright and clear, indicative of the tea's purity and quality.
  • Flavor Notes:
    • Thickness and Refreshment: The tea offers a thick and refreshing flavor that invigorates the senses, providing a robust and satisfying drinking experience.
    • Saliva Production: This tea is notable for its ability to stimulate saliva production quickly, a characteristic that enhances the overall mouthfeel and sensory experience.
    • Huigan: The tea delivers a long-lasting Huigan (returning sweetness), a highly prized feature in high-quality puerh teas. This returning sweetness lingers on the palate, extending the enjoyment of each sip.
    • Fragrance: High fragrance is a standout feature of this tea. The aromatic profile is both complex and captivating, contributing significantly to the tea’s overall appeal.


  • Location: Guangzhou
  • Conditions: The tea has been stored naturally in Guangzhou, a region known for its favorable conditions for aging puerh tea. The natural storage environment in Guangzhou helps preserve the tea’s original fragrance and flavor while allowing it to mature gracefully over time.


The 2011 DaYi "Jin Se Nian Hua" Cake embodies the tradition and expertise of the Menghai Tea Factory. It is a testament to the meticulous selection and aging processes that define high-quality puerh tea. This cake offers a rich, refreshing, and aromatic tea-drinking experience, making it a valuable addition to any tea connoisseur's collection. Whether enjoyed immediately or allowed to age further, this tea promises a sophisticated and enduring flavor profile that reflects the essence of premium puerh tea.

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