2015 ChenShengHao "Yin Ban Zhang" (Silver Banzhang) Cake 357g Puerh Raw Tea Sheng Cha - King Tea Mall

2015 ChenShengHao "Yin Ban Zhang" (Silver Banzhang) Cake 357g Puerh Raw Tea Sheng Cha

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The 2015 ChenShengHao "Yin Ban Zhang" (Silver Banzhang) Cake and the "Lao Ban Zhang" series both offer premium Puerh tea experiences sourced from different regions. Here's a comparison of their characteristics:

2015 ChenShengHao "Yin Ban Zhang" (Silver Banzhang) Cake:

  • Tea Origin: Sourced from big trees growing in the Pan Ban Zhang tea region, which includes villages like Lao Ban Zhang, Xin Ban Zhang, Lao Man Er, Ban Pen, and Ba Ka Nan.
  • Blend Recipe: Utilizes a refined blend recipe to mix teas from the Pan Ban Zhang region with Lao Ban Zhang's tea.
  • Strength: Similar to Lao Ban Zhang series, offering a robust flavor profile.
  • Bitterness and Astringency: Light bitterness and astringency, contributing to the tea's complexity.
  • Fragrance: Honey-like floral fragrance well mixed into the tea liquor.
  • Huigan and Saliva Production: Good Huigan and saliva production, enhancing the overall drinking experience.
  • Lingering Aftertaste: Leaves a lingering aftertaste with soothing tea flavor.
  • Storage: Stored naturally in Guangzhou, allowing it to mature under optimal conditions.

"Lao Ban Zhang" Series:

  • Tea Origin: Sourced specifically from Lao Ban Zhang village, known for its high-quality big tree tea leaves.
  • Appearance: Round and thick cakes with a great appearance, relative looseness, and strong tea threads.
  • Aroma: Fresh tea with floral and fruity aroma.
  • Flavor: Offers a refreshing taste with medium to low levels of bitterness and astringency, accompanied by a natural tea flavor.
  • Huigan and Saliva Production: Provides fast returning sweetness and a great amount of saliva production.
  • Cha Qi: Known for its strong Cha Qi and lingering mouthfeel.
  • Storage: Also stored naturally in Guangzhou, allowing for proper aging and flavor development.

Pricing and Contracts:

  • History: The "Lao Ban Zhang" series started in 2008 with a long-term contract between ChenShengHao and Lao Ban Zhang village, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality tea leaves.
  • Price: Initially sold at a lower price in 2008, the price of Lao Ban Zhang tea has increased significantly over the years due to its popularity and limited supply.

In summary, both the 2015 ChenShengHao "Yin Ban Zhang" Cake and the "Lao Ban Zhang" series offer exceptional Puerh tea experiences with their unique flavor profiles and high-quality tea leaves. While the "Yin Ban Zhang" Cake blends teas from various villages in the Pan Ban Zhang region, the "Lao Ban Zhang" series specifically highlights the qualities of tea leaves from Lao Ban Zhang village.

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