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Puerh tea from the China National Native Produce & Animal By-Products Import & Export Corporation, commonly abbreviated as CNNP, holds a significant place in the world of Chinese tea. CNNP, established in the 1950s, played a pivotal role in the standardized production and export of Puerh tea, contributing greatly to its global recognition and popularity.

CNNP's Puerh tea is renowned for several key features:

  1. Quality and Authenticity: CNNP Puerh teas are known for their high quality, with strict adherence to traditional processing methods. This ensures the authenticity of flavor and aroma that Puerh tea enthusiasts have come to expect.

  2. Variety: The CNNP offers a wide range of Puerh teas, including both raw (Sheng) and ripe (Shou) varieties. This variety caters to a broad spectrum of preferences, from those who appreciate the bold, complex flavors of aged raw Puerh to those who favor the smooth, earthy notes of ripe Puerh.

  3. Aging Potential: Puerh teas from CNNP are highly regarded for their aging potential. Connoisseurs often collect and age these teas, as they develop more nuanced and refined flavors over time. This aging process is a unique characteristic of Puerh tea, distinguishing it from other tea types.

  4. Historical Significance: CNNP played a crucial role in the commercialization and international trade of Puerh tea. Its historical significance adds a layer of prestige to its teas, making them highly valued among collectors and tea enthusiasts alike.

  5. Branding and Recognition: CNNP Puerh teas are often recognizable by their branding, which includes specific labels and markings on the tea cakes and packaging. These markings are a sign of quality and authenticity and are sought after in the Puerh tea market.

Overall, CNNP's Puerh tea represents a blend of traditional craftsmanship, historical significance, and a commitment to quality. These teas are not just beverages but are also appreciated for their cultural value, historical background, and the art of tea aging and collecting.

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