A Guide to Our Tea Grades: From A to S+++++

Our tea grading system is primarily based on factors such as cost, production region, taste, and overall quality.

  • Grade A: Daily Drinking Tea – This grade represents our standard for everyday tea consumption. It's selected for its balance of health benefits, enjoyable taste, good storage longevity, and affordability. Typically, this grade aligns with the medium level offered by our suppliers.

  • Higher Grades: A+ to A+++++ – As we move up from A+ to A+++++, both the cost and the quality of the tea increase. With each ascending grade, the taste and flavor become richer, offering a more enhanced tea-drinking experience.

  • Green Tea Grading Nuances – Green teas, like Long Jing, Bi Luo Chun, and An Ji Bai Cha, differ in their grading. Higher grades yield a more elegant taste, but it's interesting to note that lower-grade green teas often present sweeter, more fragrant, and fruitier flavors. It's essential to understand that this isn't a universal rule for judging green tea quality; instead, we encourage comparing different grades as a way to deepen your tea knowledge and enjoyment.

  • Limited Grade Options – In some cases, we offer only a select few grades, such as A and A+++ or A+ and A+++, due to budget constraints. We believe that offering teas with significant grade differences helps customers better appreciate the variations in quality.

  • Exclusive S to S+++++ Grades – These premium grades are sourced from core tea regions like Zheng Yan for Wuyi Yancha and Hou Keng for Hou Kui. We source these exceptional teas only occasionally, ensuring their authenticity and high quality. However, due to budget considerations, our stock in these grades is limited.

  • Blind Test Insights – Interestingly, blind taste tests sometimes reveal that the differences between various grades are subtle. A tea enthusiast might recognize the distinction between grades, but knowing the price difference might influence whether they prefer the higher-priced option for special occasions or opt for a more economical choice for regular enjoyment.

Our grading system is designed to cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets, ensuring that every tea lover can find their perfect match.

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