Sammlung: Dark Tea

I didn't pay much attention on this kind of tea because it is a quite rough tea compare to other kinds of tea. 

In my past opinion, it has no richness, no elegancy, no huigan, no fragrance, no variation in aftertaste, etc. Especially the "Liu Bao" tea has some earthy flavor due to the fermentation process. 

Till I took several tries and just noticed that the key secret (maybe during others) should be the body feeling on smoothness. It is hard to describe but similar to that we sometimes add lubricating oil to machine. 

That unique feeling which I can't find from any other tea even high quality green tea like "West Lake Dragon Well", or authentic "Lao Ban Zhang" on puerh. That makes fall in love with that and would like to drink it often and enjoy in our family. 

Personally I pay more attention on tea flavor, taste, character instead of effect like how it help on digestion, lose weight. So I encourage you to google it to learn more if you have interest. 

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