"Bo You" Puerh Tea Factory

"Bo You" tea factory was created by Mr. Zhang FangRong in 2005 year and mainly produced fermented puerh tea (ripe tea / shou cha) with the help of Mr. Huang AnShun who is former leader of Ferment Department in Menghai tea factory. 

Mr. Huang was recruited by Menghai tea factory in 1957 year and raised as leader of Ferment Department in 1964 year and from then on. Under the guidance of Mr. Huang, the Shou Cha from "Bo You" is almost a copy of Menghai tea factory on main characters. Medium to heavy fermentation leads to smoothness on mouth and throat feeling, sweetness and thickness, good aftertaste on body feeling (Cha Qi) plus the clean tea liquor with less or near none left smells from "Wo Dui" ferment process. Dry storage and natural storage in north regions like Guangzhou here affect the fragrance and taste on some level but whatever the taste is satisfying. Also the price is much reasonable comparing to their counterparts from Dayi (Menghai tea factory) is same period. 

"Bo You" became a famous tea brand soon even one of the top 10 tea factories in China thanks to the appreciations from consuming market. But after 2017 year there has been near no update on factory info and product info. New tea products are rare and under a new brand "Fang Rong Cang - Bo You" (FangRong Storage -Boyou). 

There are still many teas from early "Bo You" in consuming market nowadays and many years to come. 




Contrary to puerh tea market in nowadays especially after 2005 year, there had been a proverb in puerh tea market that "Sheng Xia Guan, Shou Da Yi" (Sheng Cha of Xiaguan, Shou Cha of Dayi or Raw Tea of Xiaguan, Ripe Tea of Dayi) which tells the advantage of each tea factory.  (We may wonder why there are many well-known aged sheng cha from Menghai tea factory instead of Xiaguan. Like many sparkling stars including "88 Qing / Green", "99 Lv Da Shu / Green Big Tree", "Da Bai Cai / Big Cabbage", "Kong Que / Peacock series" etc. Here it needs another long article and evidential datas to clarify. But to be short the main reason behind that could be in the period of last 50's to 80's, these state-owned tea factories had been mainly producing tea according to arrangement of CNNP, Xiaguan lived well on huge quantity of sheng cha production but Menghai tea factory even went to near bankruptcy if without order-made teas from outside of CNNP. )


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