Could you recommend some samples of aged sheng puerh tea for me to try? I don’t have much experience, and I want to know what older stuff is like (I’ve only tried quite fresh puer so far). Maybe you could recommend a few different samples that would give me a sense of the taste of different regions? Something relatively beginner friendly!


Have you tried 7542 from Dayi or 8653 from Xiaguan tea factory? I have sample option on some years like 2012, 2014 and some others. If not, wish you can have a try. 

This two and some few others are called as benchmark of puerh sheng tea due to their historical recipe and know-how on blend knowledge.

These big brands and many new brands including us may have some are quite better than these tea, but we still should admit that these benchmarks are real basement of nowadays' puerh tea.

To new comers, it is easy to be attracted by some famous tea region, spot, products, but if you don't have much knowledge and experience accumulated, even you can afford the higher cost and feel great on that taste, you may be easy to take it as your own benchmark on puerh tea knowledge.

When you encounter another tea not so good, you may take it as trash or feel frustrated even lose confidence especially when the tea is quite welcomed by general market or others around.  


Q: Do you store all the teas you sell? 

A: Our goal is to bring the best label teas at the best price. We work with puerh suppliers and collectors to bring tea to the world through our platform and customer service. 

Q: How long will you cost on shipping the parcel out since I placed order?


Generally 24 hours to 48 hours in normal situation. It may cost more time if some tea or teaware needs to be recharged in stock or purchased in newly. 

China Post comes 3 times in a week to pick up our parcel on each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (And the tracking info will be updated online few hours after pickup.) 

If the order is placed on later Friday after China Post leaves, the order will be picked up on next Monday around three days later.

Or if we cost a few more time to purchase in some item not in stock, then the preparation will cost longer time accordingly.

We are still working hard to shorten time of preparation and please feel free to contact us via email or SNS if there is no tracking info updated on order page. 

Q: What's the principle when you source tea or select supplier?


"The tea I would like to drink along with my family and friends. "

"Reliable, trustworthy, professional and responsible supplier"  


Q: What is your opinion towards storage of Puerh tea.


"Without aging potentiality, then puerh tea loses 80% meaning to me".

Aging process is from collaboration of moisture, oxygen and tea itself along with time passing.

Some factors affecting this process are as below: ( ever to raw tea or ripe tea)

1) Humidity:

Around 60-70 RH is recommended.

2) Temperature:

Around 20-25 Celsius degrees is suitable.

3) Sunshine:

Must be avoided.

4) Air flow:

Should be avoided. 

5) Cleanness of storage condition:


6) Stabilization:

If possible, keep that in a stable place. 

7) Waking up:

When the tea is taken from storage place, it is like waking up a sleeping man. There needs a time gap from this sleeping tea to wake up. Generally 24 hours will be good enough. 


8) Time after rinsing tea:

If you can be patient, highly recommended that steep a tea for drinking 8-10 mins after rinsed it. Especially tight tea chunk. To make sure each tea leaf is soaked by rinsing water. 

But please don't make the rinsing wash out too many tea essences.  That will be a large pity. 

Q: Have you partner in my country or certain mainland nearby?

A: Yes. Please feel free to ask me for that info.

Q: Why the info on the waybill indicates that the sender is located in Wuhan city, Shanghai city, Foshan city or others? Do you send the parcel out from Guangzhou where you live?


Yes. We ship each parcel out from us here in Guangzhou but via our carrier then to China Post.  So there are varied channels including Guangzhou, Wuhan, Beijing etc. 

Q: Have you tasted all the teas on your site? And I can see some factory teas like Dayi, Xiaguan with detailed introductions including taste flavor etc.


I can't taste all of these teas one by one and year by year to watch the aging process. 

Generally tea introductions are from official released info or from market. 

Q: I have a tea / tea wares from another supplier and just want to know your opinion, how about that? 

A: Please let me refuse to do that. Thanks.  

<To be continued>

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave comment below. 

I will reply soon after I receive that.