The Latest Report of Shipment

The shipment situation is improved gradually little better than before but still fluctuates all the time because of restricted security check in export custom and many flights have been shutdown or cancelled suddenly due to our China unique ZERO-COVID policy.

Anyway, we take full responsibility on transportation of each parcel but just need your understanding and patience.

Thank you.

Aug. 12. 2022

P.S Shipping Cost Analysis with Open Details.

Blog posts

Why this name "KingTeaMall"?

When I needed to name my online store in 2014 year(April or May), the Chinese puerh tea name "Qiao Mu Wang (乔木王)" came into mind.

That means the king arbor tea tree growing in high altitude of Mengku mountain, Lincang tea region, Yunnan province.

The image and impression to me mean the strength, solid quality, the upgrowing potentiality. Occasionally these aspects match the ideology of managing this tea shop.

So here is the "King Tea Mall" for supplying one cup of tea.