Collection: DaYi Puerh Tea

Factory: Menghai tea factory.

Brand: Dayi (in Pinyin) or official English name TAE TEA.

Initiated from around 1940 year. Located in Menghai county and using materials from own two tea plantations in Bulang mountain and Bada mountain and both are certificated as organic plantations. And they also purchase tea materials from almost whole tea regions in Yunnan province.

Before 2004 year when it was privatized by Yunnan BoWen group, it had been designated as the No.2 tea factory belonging CNNP as a national factory. This “2” appears also on product name or recipe name like 7572, 7542, 8562, 8582 etc.

Their product 7542 and 7572 are taken as the benchmark teas in puerh raw tea world and puerh ripe tea world separately.

Dec.31. 2021 Update

The average price of Dayi tea in wholesale market has come down from the historical high level in past July to a relatively stable level these days. That is another bubble burst from 2014, the last last one before that, also the 1st one in history was in 2007 year. 

Though some famous series like Jin Da Yi (Golden Series) are still on high level but most tea friendly to consuming market are near the normal price before. 

Now we can still recommend Dayi tea here and also have adjusted the price accordingly.  



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