Shipping Cost Analysis with Open Details.

Shipping costs especially to North and South America and East Europe have been fluctuating and skyrocketing from the middle of last 2021's winter till nowadays of 2022's middle April. The main reason during many others is China Gov has shut down many flights due to their unique anti-pandemic policy. 

For safety reason, we try to stay on routes of ePacket for parcel <= 2kg and Large Parcel Air Mail (not SAL) >2kg. Also directly via China Post instead of other 3rd party carriers. 

Here we take one example for explanation.

The customer paid $28 on net weight of 1000g's tea. Then we can get $28*0.95 (nearly 5% is PayPal commission)*6.35 of rate= CNY 169.9.

But China Post charged us CNY201.12 at the end. It means we need to afford another CNY31.22. 

This kind of thing happens on almost each parcel. Customers noticed the shipping cost is much higher than before Covid or at least before August of 2021, but in fact we still need to afford a part of shipping cost during this period. 

Truly wish the pandemic pass by soon and we can back to normal. 


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