Some Star Products during 7542 Series.

In last century when all puerh tea factories had been nationalized and belonging to CNNP (full name: China National Native Produce & Animal By-Products Import & Export Corp.), for the standardization of puerh tea industry, they started to use a unique number to name each kind of tea product produced by certain recipe, tea material grade and tea factory. Around from 1973 year and till 3 years later, this unique product number had been finally established officially and recognized by domestic and abroad market too. 

On this "7542", "75" means this recipe was initiated in 1975 year, the next "4" means this recipe uses the 4th grade tea materials as the main component, the last "2" means this tea is produced by "Menghai tea factory". 

There are some Star Products during history of this "7542" series, like the 1st one below: 

1) "88 Qing Bing" 

(also written as "88青饼","八八青饼", "88青" in Chinese character or "88 Qing Bing" by Pinyin or  "88 Green Cake" in English. )

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It is generally taken as "7542" produced during around from 1988 to 1992. Some of this tea had been stored in relative dry storage in HK and the taste turns much better after years of aging and well recognized by market gradually from then on. 

After long time of aging, the aged flavor is obvious and lingers long. Amber color tea soup with brightness and clearness. Sweet taste. Long lasting tea flavor in mouth and deep into throat. 


2) "94 Shi Ye Qing"

(written as 94 事业青 in Chinese character)

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Produced in 1994 year. Since the traditional Chinese Character "枼" (leaf) was wrongly printed as "業" (business), so it got this nick name "94 Shi Ye Qing" or "94 Qing". It is not so famous as the 1st one "88 Qing Bing". 


3) "96 Zi Da Yi" (Purple Dayi)

"96 Zi Da Yi" was published in 1996 year and seems like the 1st product using newly registered brand name "大益" (Da Yi or TAE TEA). Since the words on the wrapper were printed using purple color, so it got this nick name "96 Zi Da Yi" (96 Purple Dayi). Or called as "Rose Da Yi" since the purple color looks much like rose color. 

The inner paper file "Nei Fei" pressed into this tea cake was printed using reddish color. 

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There are other "Zi Da Yi" after 2001 year also published using purple color on wrapper. But also the mark and word on "Nei Fei" are also purple color. 


4) 97 Shui Lan Yin (97 Water Blue Mark)

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 It uses thin wrapper and since the Chinese character "茶"(Tea) was printed using water blue color, so it got this nick name "97 Shui Lan Yin". 

Well aged with old tea flavor. Plum fragrance. Huigan (returning sweetness) and saliva producing both last very long. 



5) "Wu ® Hong Da Yi" (Red Dayi without ®)

Produced in around 2000 year, since at the time Menghai tea factory tried to Register "Da Yi" as brand but hadn't gotten official certification yet. 

There are two kinds of tea with different printed word of "CHI TSE" (Seven Sons) and "CHI YSE" which was wrongly spelled. 


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 (pic source:


6) "2001 Jian Ti Yun 7542" (2001 Year Simplified Cloud 7542)

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 The Chinese Character of "云南七子饼茶" were printed in simplified Characters. 

Good aroma. Bright and clear tea liquor color. Thick and strong taste. Huigan (returning sweetness) lingers long in mouth. 


7) "501 Bai Bu Tiao" (501 White Strip) 

The 1st batch of 7542 published in 2005 year. There is rumor that this tea was produced using old tea materials stocked in Menghai tea factory after privatized in 2004 year by Bowen group. 

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Also since there was white strip bound on each outer bamboo basket (like usage of carton), so it got this nick name of "Bai Bu Tiao". There are 7 Chinese Characters of "责任公司说明书" (Introduction of Liability Company) written by hand on that white strip. Also there is word of "有限责任公司"(Limited Liability Company) printed on  "Nei Piao" (Inner Paper File). 

On other coming batches of 7542 published in same year, there is not just white strip but also the word printed on "Nei Piao" is "勐海茶厂" (Menghai Tea Factory). 

Also including the taste and aroma these factors, the 1st batch is better than coming batches. High fragrance. Thick and strong tea taste flavor. Smoky. Well balanced. 


8) "901 Bao Shi Lan 7542" (901 Blue Diamond 7542)

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1st batch produced in 2009 year. Simplified Chinese Characters printed using blue color on the wrapper. Packed by bamboo leaf in whole stack and finally by carton. 
Since the rich taste and great quality, it got a nick name "Blue Diamond 7542"
9) "80th 7542" (80 Years Commemorative 7542)
Published in 2020 year also for the commemoration of 80 years anniversary of Menghai tea factory. 
Aged tea materials blended with new tea leaf.
High fragrance. Minor bitterness and astringency. Huigan (returning sweetness) and saliva producing comes with strength. Strong Chaqi. Sweet. Obvious Bulang tea characters. 
<To be continued by Dayi>
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