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2015 ChenShengHao "Yin Ban Zhang" (Silver Banzhang) Cake 357g Puerh Raw Tea Sheng Cha

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Using selected high quality tea materials from big trees growing in pan Ban Zhang tea region where includes not only Lao Ban Zhang village, but also 4 other villages nearby like Xin Ban Zhang, Lao Man Er, Ban Pen, Ba Ka Nan. Some times, even the other villages near them will be also included. 

"Silver Ban Zhang" series' tea is according to refined blend recipe to mix pan Ban Zhang region tea with LBZ's tea. 

Strength is similar to Lao Ban Zhang series. 

Light bitterness and astringency. 

Complicity along with richness. 

Honey like floral fragrance well mixed into tea liquor. 

Good on Huigan and saliva producing. 

Lingering aftertaste brings enjoyment and soothing tea flavor. 

Guangzhou natural storage. 


"Lao Ban Zhang" series started from 2008 year and then has been published in each year with variation on style of cake, brick and weight. 

Selected high quality tea leaves from big trees growing in tea plantation in Lao Ban Zhang village. To make sure of the quality, CSH purchase fresh tea leaves from farmers and processes that in their own factory. 

Whole cake is round and thick with great appearance on color and neatness. 

Relative looseness. Strong and tight tea threads with multi tea hairs. 

Fresh new tea has floral and fruity aroma. 

Clear tea liquor color with brightness. 

Thick and oilish tea water with smoothness. 

Natural tea flavor with refreshing taste and strength. 

Bitterness and astringency are on medium near low level.

(Due to the wrong info from many channels, many people think the taste from Lao Ban Zhang tea should be strong on bitterness and astringency.

On the contrary, the real Lao Bao Zhang tea is sweeter than I though when I 1st time drank it in famers' house with a local friend. 

The fact is big tree or old tree leaves from LBZ should be sweet like near sugar cane mixed honey. If that are younger bush tea leaves, the taste will be bitterer and more astringent and wherever the young tea leaves from.

The other fact is strong Cha Qi (inner body feeling near tea drunk but not tea drunk) is not must related to bitterness and astringency.

Is there real LBZ tea tastes bitter and astringent as the general description from old tree or big tree and processed and storaged correctly? If I find it, I will rewrite this part then.)

Fast coming returning sweetness and great amount on saliva producing from aftertaste. 

Good Cha Qi and lingering mouth feeling. 

Guangzhou natural storage.  


Back to 2008 year, the 1st year after the "Puerh Tea Market Bubble Burst" in 2007 year, as a 1 year old new brand, CSH signed a 30 years' long contract with Lao Ban Zhang village to purchase fresh tea leaves each year under mode of 3 parties cooperation which means "CSH + Decided Tea Plantation + Farmers".  Each 5 years, the price will be adjusted (raised) once. The key man is Mr. Chen ShengHe, creator of CSH and already known as a puerh tea master at that time. 

At that time, the 1st "Lao Ban Zhang" sheng cake 400g was sold on price near 200 Yuan (CNY) . 

Nowadays, the price of Lao Ban Zhang puerh tea has been skyrocketed time and time. Due to the limited tea region, even we pay for the right price, we still don't know if that is the tea what we want. 

Luckily we can purchase tea from CSH to have a try at least. CHS says their "Lao Ban Zhang" is made from tea leaves of big trees and insists their designation on big tree is aging from around 100 years to 300 years. If they use old tree leaves or younger arbor trees' , then the mark will be different. 

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