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2017 MengKu RongShi "Da Xue Shan" (Big Snow Mountain) 500g Puerh Raw Tea Sheng Cha

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Using selected high quality tea leaves from Big Snow Mountain tea region. 

Long and tight threads with neatness and great appearance.

Clear tea liquor color with brightness. 

Refreshing taste with sweetness. 

Minor bitterness and astringency. 

Good Huigan (returning sweetness from aftertaste) and saliva producing. 

Soothing tea flavor. 


Well recommended for tea drinkers want to learn about tea from this tea region. 

Guangzhou natural storage. 


“大da雪xue山shan野ye生sheng茶cha” means wild tea leaves (野ye生sheng) and pickup from big snow mountain (大da雪xue山shan) in LinCang region of YunNan province.

There are three big snow mountains in this region called BangMa(邦马) DaXueShan with the main peak called MengKu(勐库)DaXueShan, BangDong(邦东) DaXueShan and YongDe (永德)DaXueShan. Each mountain or the region covered by these mountain has some famous tea regions and even always directly used as name of tea product. Below are some famous one, but we know there are many good tea region more than that just in this LinCang(临沧) region.

BangMa(邦马) DaXueShan:

  1. MengKu(勐库) which is located in the west side but usually called by DaXueShan(大雪山) directly.
  2. BingDao(冰岛) which is located in the east side.

BangDong(邦东) DaXueShan:

XiGui(昔归) which is located in the east side.

YongDe (永德)DaXueShan:

MangFei(忙肺) belongs to YongDe county.

Here in MengKu DaXueShan grouped by wild tea trees with location ranges from altitude of 2200m to 2750m. Not just the altitude is the highest as far as we know but also the highest on density.   The annual temperature is lower than 11 Celsius and rail fall around 2000mm. And the No.1 tea tree is also here with height of 16.8m and waist of 3.1m and ages around 2700 years.

When we come back to this tea names as DaXueShan YeShenCha wild tea was made from tea materials picked up from this wild tea tree group.


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